Carrier Vibrating Equipment
Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers, Conventional Fluid Bed, Dryers/Coolers, Flash Dryers, Tornesh Dryers, Spiral Elevators, Conveyors, Feeders, Bin Dischargers

Dings Magnetics
Suspended Overhead Magnets, Eddy Current Separators, Deep Draw Magnets, Magnetic Head Pulleys, Grate Magnets, Pneumatic Conveying Magnets

Sampling Systems

Marion Mixers
Paddle and Ribbon Mixers

Advance Detection Systems
Industrial Metal Detector, Light Duty Metal Detector

Waste water solutions

Sly, Inc.
Dry Filter Products, Wet Scrubbers, Loading Spouts

Severn Trent
Chlorine and Gas Feed Systems

Round Separators, Rectangular Separators, Other Separator Equipment, Grinding Mills, Industrial
Treatment and Service Equipment

Williams Patent Crusher
Crushers & Pulverizers, Shredders,Roll Crushers, Direct Fire Systems
Flexible Screw Conveyors, Tubular Drag Conveyors, Pneumatic Conveyors, Bulk Bag Filters, Bag Dump Stations, Bulk Bag Unloaders, Batch Systems

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying, Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying, Pneumatic Blending, Diverters and Switches, Bulk Bag Handling

Point Level Indicators, Continuous Level Indicators, Solids Flow Monitor, Particle Emissions Monitor, Bin Aeration
Brabender Technologie
Loss in Weight Feeders, Volumetric Feeders, Weigh Belt Feeders

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